What is dropping from the sky?


Daily I walk my dog Bella on our local beach which is on the Salish Sea. I look at the new logs that have washed up the night before, Bella the sticks. I watch the birds flying into the saltwater marsh, and the changes in the sea life. Everyday different shells, star fish, sponges take their turn washing onto the beach. Recently large amounts of trash have washed onto shore with them such as; plastic bottles, condoms, plastic rocket launchers, tin cans, and fishing lines.These items could be washing on shore from Japan’s tsunami, however it seems more like Western garbage. The locals are finding new surprises each day, while picking-up the litter and sharing their stories of despair.

In early January when the trash started to drift onto the beach, many beach goes noticed the local wildlife behavior changing. My belief is something shifted in our universe, animals sensing first the change and then people. Over this time frame I found myself in conversations with people on the beach about what they are feeling, seeing and sensing. People are mentioning how they are crying for no reason, emotional waves come over them, many feel a vibration they cannot name, and depression. You can write this off as the fallout from Armageddon hype, or the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012, I feel it is both and more. My interpretation from the literature I read, and my own observations we have a small window of time for all humans to wake-up to our wasteful, abusive, attitudes towards Earth. Especially our governments can’t wait any longer to take action, in supporting and stopping the harm we are injecting into Mother Nature.

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The wildlife is tired of waiting for us, they are starting to take their own action, so be aware! An active environmentalist friend of mine three weeks ago was taking her daily walk when an eagle flew out from his perch and dropped a seven foot, five inch around snake at her feet! As you can image she was in shock, she ran away from the snake as fast as she could. She gingerly walked back to the scene to see if she imagined the snake, she found the snake coiled under a branch injured from the eagle’s claws. She immediately called Wildlife to come an rescue the snake. Usually we will find on the beach a dead seal or maybe a raccoon or even a beaver, but not a seven foot long snake that is not indigenous to this area. I think the eagle chose my friend because she would do something about this snakes condition. I sense the eagle was trying to call out to humans to leave wildlife in their natural settings and stop transporting animals for your own pets. The following week she came upon a dead coyote, this is also unusual as few coyotes live on our little island, and never down around the sea line. Then last week as Bella and I walked on the beach, the local eagle family starting flying around us, dropping a 25 pound salmon, that just missed Bella’s head!


If wildlife can’t get us to have a collective consciousness, next step is to hit us over the head! Take heed, and look up.

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4 Responses to What is dropping from the sky?

  1. Kim Ellsworth says:

    These incidents remind me of a book I read called “The Swarm” by Frank Schatzing. The book was a fictional story about sea life coming out of the sea and hunting down humans. Humans were not allowed on, in, or near water. (“Spoiler alert*) It turned out that an ancient species of algae had a collective conscious, versus our collective unconscious, that allowed them to remember the whole of history. Basically, the algae would infect sea life, take them over, and then try to wipe out the only species on earth that didn’t behave in a manner that would benefit the whole. In the end the protagonist came face to face with a swarm of algae and was able to communicate through intuition and understand its pain.

    Maybe a similar incident is occurring near your home, but let’s hope it’s not to the extreme that the book was talking about. I hope that these rare occurrences will incite questions and actions. Unfortunately, just like the algae in the book knew and perhaps the wildlife in your area know, bonking a few people on the head is a small action when all of humanity is playing the game.

    I really don’t know how to react to this except to assume it is a message and hope for the best.

  2. cfourart says:

    If one person can wake-up it can cause a chain reaction. As I write this blog, you responded, now more will respond and awaken to your comments. Hope and will for the best is action.

  3. R. McColl says:

    Stories such as yours are a powerful way to start that chain reaction. I will remember this story for a long time, and I find myself spontaneously re-telling it to people around me because it is so memorable and intriguing! Stories capture our sense of the deeper mysteries in life, engage our senses and imagination, set us on a path to pay attention. This seems to be how nature and the animals speak to us. I will definitely be looking up more to the big sky and imagining the possibilities!

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